what is seo and how it works

What Is SEO and How It Works?

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Analysis & Key Factors of the Google SEO Ranking Factors (Social Media & Youtube)

What is SEO and how it works has been the lifelong questions of some business owners, marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs alike for about two decades now.
With all of Google’s algorithm changes and updates that happen about every year or two, its’ no wonder why people get confused.
We like to go to the source to find out what is search engine optimization actually mean – Google.
We all know by now that Google owns Youtube. So what does that mean for your marketing channels and how to utilize them better with search engine optimization?
Well, the simple answer is that you should use video marketing – Youtube – as often as you can by embedding your Youtube videos on your website.
It’s also a grand idea, if you like to use ranking factors (i.e. social media) as part of your overall SEO strategy, then to use Google Plus as your primary social media channel when posting and linking to your website as well.
Why in world (you may be asking yourself) David, would I use Google+ as my primary SEO ranking factor as opposed to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram?
Okay, so let’s make it clear… I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram in your social media and online marketing presence to help you with your search engine rankings.
What I am saying is that you should use Google Plus as your primary posting social media channel to do posts, link building, and cross-indexing content so that you can add SEO ranking for your Google + channel.
Why is Google+ so high as a ranking factor for your search engine optimization?
Because you can rank your Google+ pages and posts as easily as you can Youtube videos.
Why is this the case? Because Google also owns Google+ and wasn’t sure if you noticed.
Let me give you an example of my personal David Grande Google+ page that is ranking on page one of Google for the search term or keyword “what is search engine optimization.”
Here is an image below of the SERPs page one listing.
what is seo
In fact my Google+ postings appeared in positions 7 and 8 for two different Google Plus social media posts.
I frequently make it a point to posts at least 3 times per week on my social media channels that have to do with SEO, search engine optimization, and Google SEO ranking factors.
These social media posts, if you’re interested, go onto the following social media accounts through Feedly: (These are good social media SEO ranking factors that you can use every day)

These are the 4 primary social media channels that I use when using for posts in my SEO ranking factors.
If you post regularly to social media, then you will eventually get good organic search engine optimization traffic because of your frequency of posting.
Make this your new #1 SEO ranking factor for 2017 and beyond.
Social media signals, links, and postings do matter when it comes to ranking your profiles and posts on Google.
Obviously, you shouldn’t forget about making Youtube videos, but I don’t consider Youtube as a social media channel. I consider more as a search engine for video, because it is, and that’s why Google bought it in 2006.
Google purchased Youtube on November 13th, 2006, (stock purchased was finalized), for $1.65 billion in stocks. 
And you can see the NBCNews.com article by clicking on the link below.
nbcnews.com, google buys youtube
You can also view the Youtube video below on “What Year Did Google Buy Youtube” below from the IS OMG Youtube channel.

You can also read more details from the NYTimes.com article from 2006 by clicking on the image below as well.
nytimes.com, nytimes article
I’m here to give you resources and not to necessarily take my word as fact, so you can see that I’m not only transparent in all the work I do, such as my blog posts.
But I’m also transparent with my SEO Services Agency at instantlyrank.com, so when you do an SEO campaign with me you know, trust, and like the fact that my work is solid gold, because my word is my SEO business.
Hope this article helped you clarify some things about SEO.
Stay tuned for another blog post very soon. Remember, press releases are a great way to rank your website with hundreds of top domain authority media site links – see our SEO agency press releases here.

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