SEO Tutorial For Beginners Step By Step


seo tutorial for beginners step by step

SEO Tutorial For Beginners Step By Step

SEO Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step from SEO Consultant David Grande. Click to read new blog post.

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This article about SEO Tutorial for Beginners is a new Step by Step guide and reference work by InstantlyRank and David Grande. ​

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It will give you the ability to master the basics about SEO and specific search engine optimization strategies in order to rank your website on page one of G​oogle, Yahoo, and Bing.

It encompasses what I've learned over the last decade in mastering search engine optimization basics.

Asking myself this question to help others with the secret strategies of SEO.

What is the best way to give people value to learn about the basics behind SEO?

It dawned on me one day, as I was having my morning coffee earlier this year, after receiving a bunch of requests from business owners, clients, and marketers.

They were asking me to give them some type of playbook or tutorial on search engine optimization - a quick reference guide where they could at least understand what is seo and how it works.

To help my clients, entrepreneurs, and local business owners, understand some of the SEO nuances, here is the result - the SEO Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step Guide

It covers what I call the ARCKS of SEO, as you'll see here in part 1, the first 3 aspects of the SEO ARCKS...

Creating this SEO Tutorial for Beginne​​​​​rs blog post was the next logical step. I hope you get out of it as much as I had compiling and writing it, to make it a good way to give anyone who desires it the information they need.  

Any marketer or business owner will be able to understand these concepts and search engine optimization tips in order rank on page one of Google. See my Facebook post below which refers to this article.


​Learning the A.R.C.K.S. of search engine optimization is important when trying to figure out how to do SEO yourself.

Being able to understand what the basic guide is on SEO will help rank your business website for years to come.

Before we get started on the 5 SEO A.R.C.K.S., let's cover the Search Engine Optimization tips from the image above. These SEO tips are mentioned in the list below.

  • check
    Keyword Research
  • check
    On-Page SEO Optimization
  • check
    Link Building
  • check
    Exclusive & Professional Unique Selling Proposition
  • check
    Consistent Hard-Working Campaign
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SEO Tutorial for Beginners

Let's continue with the first principle of the ARCKS of SEO. I came up with this acronym to make it easy for any business owner or entrepreneur to understand what is SEO and how it works

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Okay, so let's get started. 

seo tutorial for beginners


Authority stands for page or domain authority.

By the way, if you want to know how to do search engine optimization you can click here to read this article that I wrote earlier. This is a two part series about SEO that should clarify things for you even better moving forward with marketing your websites.

​Domain Authority starts with the quality and timeliness of your domain first and foremost, but don't confuse this with ranking a page on your domain since they can be different in real life SEO terms.

What exactly do I mean with domain authority vs. page authority?

Well, let's break down what it actually means to rank on the search engines.

Google and the other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing, do not break down the entire internet according to websites, but rather have an entire database based on pages according the niche. ​

Google categorizes the entire internet based on pages and their association with their keywords or niche, so that they can categorize every new page accordingly.  

This is why it makes it easier and simpler to rank any given website page according to the keyword it's associated with.

This is why you should be writing or creating every page according to one primary keyword.

Just like I am writing this blog post page based on one keyword, "seo tutorial for beginners."

This allows my to rank it based on the reference for every link and social media post from this one keyword. You can have more than one keyword associated to each page, but just make sure they are variations of the primary keyword you're using.

​A perfect example would be the long-tail keyword "seo tutorial for beginners," as the primary keyword. A secondary keyword I could use as another "tag" for this article could be "seo tutorial for beginners step by step," as this is a common long-tail keyword that is searched for online based on using G.I.A.S. or the Google Instant Autocomplete Suggestions.

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Building your page's authority also starts with you getting traffic as an authority to your website. Most people dismiss this type of "authority" when it comes to SEO, but if you don't have click-through-rates [CTR] while showing Google that people are actually visiting your website, then there isn't much authority there - I'm sure you'll agree.

Keep this in mind, as building your brand helps your SEO ranking on the back end.

Build your own SEO campaign based on the amount of keywords you want to target by clicking on the big blue button above. It will take you to my SEO agency site at Instantly Rank to submit your business information on the Discovery Form

Watch the full video webinar below from our YouTube Channel.

So in summary about the search engine optimization tip regarding authority, it all comes down to this question.

How are you developing the authority of the page you just created so that it ranks in the search engines?​​​​​ - hopefully and eventually to page one on Google.

We always use Google as the standard since it receives the most searches of any search engine every month and has a majority, about 75%, of the market share in the industry. 

As you can see in the image below from, Google gets over 150 billion searches every month, which translates to over 4.9 billion searches every single day.

seo tutorial for beginners step by step

This means getting quality high-domain authority back links and using your brand authority to drive traffic to your site. 

The rankings come from one of Google's top ranking factors which is creating back links.

So when you get these back links it automatically gives your site a boost of ranking juice to lift it higher in the search engine rankings even faster.

seo tutorial for beginners

The second search engine optimization tutorial for beginners tip in the ARCKS of SEO is Relevancy

Relevancy is explicit to the fact that when Google and the other search engines crawl your site with their fancy spiders bots, it reveals and shows that the website is related to the niche and keywords you claim it to be.

Why does Google want to make sure a website is categorized to the keywords that it's being displayed for?

​The simple explanation is Google wants to give the most relevant search results according to what people are searching for online.

So when someone searches for "seo tutorial for beginners," then this page will be at the top of the search results - we are working on building our ranking every day.

Or when someone searches on Google for the long tail keyword, "best recipe for chicken soup," that it wants to give you the best recipe for chicken soup both with relevant and consistent with what you want.

In other words, you don't want to see a recipe for stir fry chicken on page one of Google, when it has nothing to do with chicken soup, right? 

Relevancy has to do with the most important aspects of search engine optimization, which includes the top 3 SEO principles below.

  • check
    Keywords Relevant to the Page
  • check
    Content Relevant to the Page
  • check
    Links Relevant to the Page

Notice here that I also mentioned the importance of creating relevant content on the page according to the topic of the page.

Make no mistake about it, Google wants to reveal in the search results the best quality content related to the specific search term or keyword entered in it's search box every single time. 

Google is searching more and more for long-form content of over 1,000 words which relates best to it's audience for the search term you typed in Google a second ago, a minute ago, a day ago.

And because of this fact, Google is ranking long-form content higher and over a longer period of time in it's frequency, than other shorter content. Long-form content can be classified as a page having anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 words on it.

Search Engine Land talks about long-form content on it's blog - click on the links provided in this paragraph and the image below.

seo tutorial for beginners step by step

Search Engine Land talks about all the topics related to SEO and gives a the science behind writing better long-form content that allows your search engine optimization to be on point to better rank on Google's page one. 

This leads us to the third part of the ARCKS of SEO that is laid out in this blog post - Consistency.

seo tutorial for beginners step by step


Consistency with any search engine optimization plan starts with creating content on a continual basis with your monthly SEO campaign.

Notice that I said monthly SEO campaign - meaning that Consistency in SEO shows in a monthly campaign that keeps going for the life of the page - whether that is over a 12 month period or a 120 month period of time.

Realistically, the minimum amount of time for any SEO campaign should run for 12 months. If you can extend the search engine optimization and marketing for the given amount of keywords in the campaign, then you should do so.

The SEO campaign should of course result in organic SEO results on page one of Google where you are getting more organic traffic for those specific keywords and other related long-tail keywords, which are inevitable.

It thereby causing your business revenue to jump up 3X to 5X what it previously was before starting the campaign.

Consistency also comes from having a dedicated back-linking strategy in place which includes interlinking your own site links in each post you create. 

When you write content you should have 2 types of links pointing to specific relevant pages.

These are links to other related posts on your own site - called internal links.

Then you will need to add quality links open in another tab, that go outside of your website and are relevant to the specific page topic - called external links

Now here is one of the keys about creating links and in particular external links.

As I mentioned above, where the external link should go to a relevant site's page that works well with what you are writing about.

So here's the kicker, the big SEO secret that most SEO experts don't tell you - make sure that all the relevant external links have high domain authority

seo tutorial for beginners step by step

Pay attention here. The image I used before about the Search Engine Land article on long-form content has the link to the article written by them or one of their contributors. 

Take a wild guess how high on the DA, Domain Authority, scale is the Search Engine Land website. The scale goes from 0-100. Anything 80 and over is a high domain authority website and you should never hesitate to add a link on your site going to it.

Search Engine Land has a 91 out of 100 on the Domain Authority Scale or Ranking. 91 is awesome and is a great site to place a link in your blog post. The Page Authority Ranking is also on the same metric and Search Engine Land shows a Page Authority rank of 92/100.

You can see this revealed in the MOZ Open Site Explorer detailed report that I used to find these SEO metrics here. Click on the image below to be directed to MOZ.

seo tutorial for beginners

MOZ Open Site Explorer

So here is the run down about being consistent in your search engine optimization campaigns, whether you're ranking a website or video, you can implement these features for better page one Google rankings.

Quick list is below and will conclude this article which is part 1 of the SEO Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step series.

  1. Long-Form Content
  2. Internal Links [open in new tab]
  3. External Links [open in new tab]
  4. Monthly SEO Campaign

Be sure to check out the video on YouTube for this article and will be embedded near the top of the page once it's complete and uploaded to my YouTube channel. 

Hint: This is a great way to get a high page or domain authority external link. Use YouTube and other social media sites.

Then create a great back link from those sites that come to the specific URL on your website. 

Yeah, this means better rankings for you!

***This concludes part 1 of this series with over 2,000 words.

Check out this Local SEO video which happens to talk about local businesses in Rhode Island, but of course it applies to any town USA, where local businesses like yours can dominate page one of Google for their niche keywords.

seo tutorial for beginners
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