How to Install WordPress on Cpanel (Host Gator)

Learn the ins-and-outs about how to install wordpress in cpanel from the Host Gator admin. 

Here I explain the details about what errors and problems you might encounter when in your cpanel area. 

Learn the ins-and-outs about how to install wordpress on cpanel from the HostGator admin. Here I explain the details about what errors and problems you might encounter when in your cpanel area.  

You can watch the video on Youtube at this link here on how to install wordpress on cpanel. Don’t forget you can also read the other blog articles and video tutorials at and choose your favorite niche topic and articles that you may want to read.

This particular video was about reinstalling WordPress on cpanel in my HostGator account as I encountered some issues about what the best route would be. You also will see in the Youtube video that learning how to install wordpress on cpanel was actually quite simple and easy once you understand what buttons to click on and how to fill out a simple form in your cPanel admin area.

It really doesn’t matter which hosting account you have, whether in HostGator, GoDaddy, NameCheap, BlueHost, or any other, a cPanel is essentially a cPanel no matter where you log in to, they just may look a little different. Every cPanel should have a similar look and all you need to do is find the Quick-Install of WordPress somewhere in your cPanel and you’re good to go.

What is CPanel? Go to this article on to read details about your WordPress cPanel if your a beginner or not this article will be helpful.

How To Install WordPress

Here is a quick quote from the article about cPanel and what it really means. “cPanel is a web based hosting control panel provided by many hosting providers to website owners allowing them to manage their websites from a web based interface. This program gives users a graphical interface from which they can control their portion of the Unix server. The tools provided are designed to simplify running and controlling a website. It uses a tiered structure that allows different levels of access.”

Check out Design Panoply’s article about how to install wordpress manually using cpanel.

The How to Install WordPress Manually Using cPanel in Under 5 Minutes article is a long illustrated article with tons of images that show you what is cpanel and and problems you might have with one-click installers. A great resource article that you can go to by clicking on the link above and here is a small quote from this article.

“One of the biggest issues with 1-click setups is that they are not all the same. Some of them allow you to choose your database and user name while others automatically create them using totally random characters, which can make things tough if you are running a lot of websites on the same server. Certain hosts will install WordPress to update automatically when a new version is released. This is good because it can close any security holes, but often times new versions of WordPress will break your plugins—or even your entire website—because not everything gets updated to work together at the same time.”

Elegant Themes has a blog post about the complete guide to installing wordpress which is another long blog post that has a lot of illustrations as well. And I added a quote from their article below from the beginning of the long article.

“If you are looking for the most straight-forward way to install WordPress, installing it through your web hosting control panel is your best option. All you have to do is run a basic installation script and enter your username and password. The installation script will create the database and take care of all the configuration settings that need to be defined.”

How To Geek has a great article about installing wordpress manually from your cpanel wizard.

Here is the quote from this article in the link above. “Would you like to install WordPress directly on your own site?  We’ve been covering ways you can use WordPress for your personal blog or website, so here’s how you can install the WordPress software manually on your own site.

Please Note: Installing WordPress manually is slightly complicated, so we recommend using an installer script if your website hosting provider offers one.  Check out our article for info on how to Install WordPress on Your Own Server With Softaculous, as this is a much easier way to install WordPress.  But, if you enjoy manually setting up your site, or your hosting provider doesn’t offer Softaculous or a similar installer, this method works great too.”

How To Manually Install WordPress

This is the most up to date blog post I found from this year on how to install wordpress which is from Read the quote below from this how to install wordpress article.

“WordPress is a free open source software, which you can install on your hosting account. Webmasters use WordPress to create any kind of websites. From simple blogs to complex e-commerce websites – anything can be built using WordPress. Due to its simplicity and versatility WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS. Effortless installation is another reason why WordPress is so popular.” This is the manual way of installing wordpress which is very different from the one-click install.

Once you are ready to go after installing WordPress in cPanel you will be ready to install your favorite WordPress theme. This article will help you do just that.

“The easiest and the most widely-used method is to do that via your WordPress dashboard. You can log into it usually via The second way to install a theme for your WordPress website is via cPanel File Manager. You should have a file of archived theme files on your PC saved beforehand. Another way of switching the theme via database is usually used in emergency cases. For example, your theme is corrupted or hacked, and you do not have access to your WordPress Dashboard. Such cases can be resolved by switching to a default theme, and as you do not have access to the Dashboard, you need to do that directly in your database.” This illustrative article from is a great summation about everything you need to install a WordPress theme for your website.

Hope all these article links help you out as well as the new video about how to install WordPress on cpanel in my Host Gator admin section.

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